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Web Design

Our approach with any web project starts by looking at the big picture. With so many choices, we know how to simplify the process and create a custom solution that’s right for the end user and the budget.

360 Virtual Tours

Today a growing number of companies are reaching more prospects thru sophisticated interactive presentations such as engaging virtual tours. And Virtually Anywhere’s professionalism creates a new level of extraordinary virtual tour services.


Whether you have existing printed material that you wish to utilise online, or are looking for a more complete project taken from design through to publication, Innovative Concepts can offer an E-brochures solution tailored to your individual requirements. E-brochures can be created from any printed material, regardless of dimensions or number of pages.

Google Photosphere

Add your location to google maps

We are great at what we do

Allow visitors to not only find your location but also visualise it before they visit, with a high resolution virtual tour embedded into google maps.

Core Services

  • The Tech

    The web is constantly changing. Our adaptability means we make sure new standards are always adhered to. New technologies are not used for the sake of it, but embraced when we believe they will enhance a clients project and offer them a competitive advantage. Some of the technologies and services we enjoy using include: Ruby on Rails, Amazon S3, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

  • Web Standards

    We work in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Standards. We do this by writing code that validates. Writing semantic and well structured code makes our websites usable and accessible for people of all abilities.

    Our Accessibility page will explain some of the techniques we have employed throughout this site to make sure it is accessible to you.

  • Google Analytics

    Analytics is one of our favourite tools. We use it to study the performance of your website, from page speed to page views. It helps us to monitor how well SEO is performing and let’s us know where improvements can be made.

    All PANDR sites come with Google Analytics baked right in, so our clients can also see who is visiting their site, where they are in the world and which pages they are looking at, clever eh?!

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Adhering to Web Standards and writing well structured HTML makes our websites easy for search engines like Google to index.

    When it comes to SEO, we believe in organic growth. We achieve this through close collaboration with our clients in order to understand their business and regularly improve their web content.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Host Gator are our hosting partners of choice. They provide a “productive, powerful, and scalable cloud application platform”. Host Gator enables agile deployment of our applications, without the cost and complexity that would be involved with monitoring and maintaining servers ourself. Using Host Gator allows us to concentrate on what we do best, designing.