The mission of the Jamaica Association of Nurse Anaesthetists is to advance the are and science of anaesthesia through a committed, satisfied and respected workforce, thereby providing patients with anaesthesia care that is accessible, cost-effective and of a high standard.

Professional Development:

JANA offers a variety of resources, opportunities and services that promote the professional growth and development of nurse anaesthetists such as educational meetings, workshops, research volunteerism, career opportunities and the development of education criteria and requirements. One contact hour equals 60 minutes.


Patient Safety and Nurse Anaesthetists’ Welfare:

Nurse Anaesthetists are advocates for patient safety and JANA is an advocate for nurse anaesthetists, concerning issues such as patient safety and access to quality health care, scope of practice, education, reimbursement and other legislative and regulatory matters. To this end JANA monitors closely, legislation and regulation affecting legislations, coordinates meetings with these officials and educates nurse anaesthetists regarding effective advocacy strategy. JANA has also solicited the guidance of the National Workers Union (NWU) to strengthen the profession’s voice in lobbying for better conditions in the Ministry of Health.




JANA offers membership and the general public, access to:

. Practice document . Government regulations
. Patient education information on anaesthesia care
. Books
. CDs
. Videos
. Logo T-shirt
. Caps
. Coffee mugs
. Nurse anaesthesia expert – speaker databank
. Historical archives
. Wellness and peers assistance
. Advocacy

. Clinical and educational publications such as:
. Brochures
. Books
. Standards and guidelines
. Nurse anaesthetist pins
. Educational, promotional and public service announcements

. Links

. Wealth of other information in many subject areas that help members, patients, students, hospital administrators and other interested parties.

Professional Development:

JANA meetings:

. Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Last Saturday in March
. Annual Scientific Conference - First weekend in November
. Workshops - Ongoing
. Seminars
. Weekly/monthly departmental meetings

In the News:

Press Release:
. Issues
. Articles
. Presentations/Research
. News release
. Press release about the profession


Memorial posted for six months:

. Ivy Jarrett-Brown
. Hyacinth Brown
. Marlene Carter

Patient Information:

. All about anaesthesia
. Anaesthesia patient safety
. Questions you should ask
. Council for patient safety/anaesthesia
. Brochures and resources



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