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The early 19th Century was ushered in with debates over the morbidity and mortality associated with anaesthesia in the USA.  Surgeons decided that the major cause of the adverse effects of anaesthesia was the occasional “anaesthetists”, and called for clinicians to dedicate read more news


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1. The International Federation of Nurse Anaesthetists (IFNA):

IFNA was founded in Switzerland in 1989 with eleven national nurse anaesthesia organisations as charter members. The federation has continued to grow and currently there are 31 national nurse anaesthesia organisations as members, representing 40,000 nurse anaesthetists worldwide.

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Professional Development:

JANA offers a variety of resources, opportunities and services that promote the professional growth and development of

50th Anniversary Celebration

The Jamaica Association of Nurse Anaesthetists (JANA) will be celebrating 50 years of service to the Jamaican populace.  This Association represents Nurse Anaesthetists, who are Advanced Practice Nurses trained in the art and science of anaesthesia.

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Nurse Anaesthetists Training in the USA:
Dr. Leo Freeman, Senior Medical Officer at the Spanish Town Hospital, on one of his visits to the USA in the 1950s observed nurse anaesthetists trained in the art of anaesthesia, competently administering general anaesthesia. On his return to Jamaica he lobbied the Government

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